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My Favorite Healthy Bars

2012 June 10

I can’t choose just one bar, there’s several that I like a lot and keep rotating.  Sometimes I’ll eat one of these for a quick breakfast on the go, or for a relatively healthy snack throughout the day.  High quality ingredients in all these bars.  Nothing fake.  No preservatives.  Just real food.


Raw Revolution Bar


Raw Revolution bars, raw food.  I was a bit surprised that I would like an apple cinnamon bar as much as I do like this. It’s got some nice greens mixed in there too.


Odwalla Bars

I’ve mentioned the Odwalla bars before.  They’re great.  No doubt the choco-walla is my favorite, but the superfood is runner up.  The superfood bar is a bit more healthy, with raisins and greens.




Larabar Apple PieThe Larabars are great.  They have tons of flavors to choose from.  I really like the Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffin ones.  Fruit and nuts and thats it. But these bars are pleasantly chewy, not like eating a birdseed bar. If you’re into that, Kind bars are good that way. Ingredients: apples, raisins, dates, walnuts, almonds, and cinnamon. That’s it!


Click on the pictures above to get these bars from with free shipping, and if you’re ready to commit, you can subscribe and save even more!