Best EMF Meter with Electric and Magnetic Field

2016 April 16


There is an amazing new EMF meter from Cornet, the ED-88T EMF Meter, which is a Tri-mode device (RF, LF, ELF Meter) reading in range 100MHz-8GHz.  Quick list of features include:

  • Broad frequency range (100MHz to 8GHz)
  • Wide dynamic range 60dB
  • Tri-mode: RF, LF Gauss, LF Electric field
  • Analog RF (AM,FM) and Digital burst RF (GSM,TDMA,CDMA,WiFi,..)
  • Excellent for personal evaluation of Electrosmog exposure

I haven’t found the online manual yet, so here are a few tips to using.  Below the power button are two black buttons which are unlabeled and may be unclear what they do at first.  Here is a quick summary.  Let’s call the top button “Mode” and bottom button “Hold”.

  • Normal operation:  “Mode” switches between RF, LF, ELF modes.  “Hold” pauses screen and resets peak.
  • When in “Hold”…
    • … press “Mode” 1X to activate sound.
    • … press “Mode” 2X to active backlight
    • … press “Hold” again to un-pause, update readings.
  • Change system setup (settings) by pressing “Hold” then “Mode” at the same time.
    • Press “Mode” to navigate settings menu.
    • Press “Hold” to active / change a setting.
    • To exit menu, press “Mode” until selecting the top menu item (EXIT) and press “Hold”.

This meter packs a lot of features for a reasonable price, all in one little meter. Check it out if you are interested in high frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field measurements, such as: mobile phone radiation, detect wireless camera, microwave oven leakage, Wi-Fi installation and signal levels for 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz.  Check it out!

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