Best Baby Gifts 2013

2013 February 2

When you’re considering a baby gift, or baby shower gift, you probably want your gift to be received with gladness, and not have them searching the box to see if you included the gift receipt. If they have set up a gift registry, take it seriously! But sometimes new parents aren’t aware of the best or most useful products out there. I’m going to highlight a few here which there is NO WAY any person would be disappointed with, at least not once they give them a try.

These products are the best of the best.

bumpkins_bib Bumpkins Waterproof Bibs.  The best bibs ever. They are lightweight, super easy to clean, don’t stain, don’t smell, don’t fade. Waterproof. Pocket at the bottom to catch crumbs & drips. Can’t buy a better bib at any price. And over 30 different patterns to choose from!  Don’t forget to check out the 3-packs of bibs.



miracle blanket Miracle Blanket. If you want your newborn to sleep well, swaddling is important. Most babies like to be tightly wrapped, how they felt in the womb. I’ve found swaddling successfully requires time and experience — something new parents don’t have. Well this Miracle Blanket is a swaddling fail safe. It’s easy to use, wraps them tight, and difficult to do wrong even while sleep deprived. They call it the miracle blanket, because this blanket can change the game when it comes to keeping babies sleeping happily, and thus parents happily sleeping. Can’t recommend this one highly enough! Pick any color you like.  Read the reviews at amazon, this one is the real deal.  One reviewer said, “… the two new parents I gave this to as a shower gift were pathetically grateful, and couldn’t stop gushing. I understand; for a new parent, anything that grants you sleep is your favorite thing in the world.”
brica Brica Travel Bassinet.  For the first year, who needs a huge pack n’ play?  A good travel crib can be great, but for the first year this travel bassinet is perfect.  It’s extremely light weight, and super easy to set up.  Small enough to fit just about anywhere, in case space is tight when travelling.  We love this one.
Bumbo Floor Seat. This is great for babies which are still learning how to sit up. It supports them and holds them in the seat snugly. It’s safe with or without the strap, as long as you don’t put them on the counter and leave them alone. We love this seat!
medelapump Medela Pump in Style Advanced (with On the Go Tote). When it comes to breast-feeding, smart moms know that a good breast pump is well worth the investment. And when it comes to breast pumps, Medela is the name to trust. This bag contains everything you need to pump on the go (even built-in battery & charger), but this is definitely not just for traveling. It’s convenient to set up in your house wherever you like. We’ve used this machine with three kids, and it’s still going strong. This pump is a bit pricey, but believe me this is not an area where you want to go cheap and have something break or suffer an uncomfortable experience. Mom’s got enough going on, and you don’t want to be fighting with a poorly designed breast pump machine. Save up, and get the right one. 
soundmachine Marpac Dohm-DS Sound Conditioner.  This one may surprise you, but a good background noise machine can really help a baby fall asleep and stay asleep.  For that matter, it helps kids and adults of all ages.  Babies are particularly soothed by certain sounds and tones, and we’ve found the typical electronic beeping nursery songs aren’t the most soothing.  There are dual-speeds, but you can further adjust the volume and tonal qualities to fit your liking.  It’s also small and travels easy.  This is the #1 sound machine sold at amazon, read the 1000+ 5-star reviews and see why.  Do yourself a favor and just get it.
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