Klean Kanteen (Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles!)

2010 March 22

Disposable plastic water bottles are probably one of the worst ideas that most of us don’t think twice about.  Even if you are one of the 20% who recycles these bottles, many “recycled” bottles end up in a trash dump anyway. Even reusable plastic water bottles are not so environmentally friendly.  Within a few years, they are worn out or out of style, and you can’t recycle them. You put orange juice in there once, and it still smells like orange.

Enter stainless steel.  Tough as steel.  Recyclable as steel.  Lightweight as … steel? Actually they are surprisingly lightweight, though they will be a few ounces heavier than a Nalgene. You’ve got lots of bottles to choose from. But you should check out Klean Kanteen.

I’ve got several of these bottles, had them for years, and love them. Water tastes great. Dishwasher safe. Several sizes to choose from, from 12oz to 40oz. And if you use it 10 times, it’s already paid for itself, compared to bottled water.  Take one small step toward redeeming the environment.

The story of bottled water?  Manufactured demand.  How did they do it?  Check out the story of bottled water.

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