Strong Mini-Magnets

2009 December 20

Refrigerator magnets.  Everyone’s got ’em.  You gotta stick up the occasional picture of your niece & nephew, or a free car wash coupon.  Or maybe a quote from your favorite poet or Napoleon Dynamite.

Most magnets are frustratingly weak.  And usually ugly.  There’s two things I’m looking for in a good refrigerator magnet:  1) Strong enough to hold up at least 5 receipts/coupons/pictures with a single magnet.  2) Not ugly.

These are the only magnets that fit the bill for me.  They look like pushpins for a cork board, they are small, but they are the strongest magnets I have ever used.  Get them as a gift for that refrigerator display artist in your family.

You can even get one free in the mail!

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