The Best Stuff

2009 December 18

Basically this is a list of some of my favorite stuff.  Gifts, products, things that I like that make my life more pleasant, usually in a small way.  But little things can add up and make a difference.

So far, I’m tracking 3 categories:

1) Stuff.  As in physical stuff or products/services that are useful.

2) Software.  I’m a programmer geek, so my list is mostly along those lines.  Programming or productivity tools are mostly what I’ll link to.

3) Audio podcast.  I listen to a lot of audio.  Driving to work, doing the dishes, painting a room; these are all excellent opportunities to fire up the iPod and listen to a message.  I usually try to redeem the time by listening to a sermon or conference message from some of my favorite teachers/pastors.  Like John Piper, Matt Chandler, RC, CJ, or “Rev Kev” DeYoung.  Follow if you wanna know what I’m listening to and being impacted by.

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